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One of the biggest ways to grow your firm when you’re first starting out is to establish referral partnerships.

There’s a new modern way to get referrals.  In this video, I share the easiest way for you to increase your number of referrals.

Back in the day, you’d call or email a (potential or current) referral partner and say, “Hey let’s go out for a cup of coffee.” Today, you want to interview them, on video.

Instead of inviting them for coffee, ask them if can interview them about their business and record a video.

Perhaps you chat for a few minutes before, then hit record, ask them a few questions, save and upload it, then push the video out to your contacts – clients, previous clients, anyone who has been in touch with your firm.

You make them the hero of the interview and then you promote that to all of your community.    Then, your have them do the same – interview and record you, and then they share it with their community.

In today’s modern world of social media and technology, this is the best and most effective way of increasing your referrals.

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