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So this is something you didn’t learn in law school (or probably anywhere else for that matter): how to drive business to your law firm during a pandemic! 2020 has been a crazy ride and it is not showing any signs of letting up. You don’t have the luxury of just waiting it out, either. There are a number of action steps you need to take now to keep new business coming through your doors.

I have been advising hundreds of attorneys since March on how to navigate the law firm marketing process in this COVID-crazy world we now live in. Here are some things you need to focus on:

There are many attorneys I’ve talked to who are struggling mightily with lead flow. For some, the faucet was completed shut off and for others, it’s been a mere trickle. This is why you need to mine your database for your old and cold leads. There’s gold there! In addition, be sure you:

Specific Practice Area Strategies

Depending on your practice area, there are some specific strategies you can use to attract new clients even in the midst of this crisis:

Personal Injury

Workers’ Compensation

Criminal Defense

Immigration Law

Divorce/Family Law

Estate Planning

As I noted earlier, you are not going to be able to just “ride this out,” hoping that things will soon return to normal. That is wishful thinking, not a marketing strategy! If you feel lost, we can help. Click below to schedule a free consultation with one of our Rainmaker legal marketing experts. We can share stories of how other law firms are not only surviving but thriving in this current business environment.