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All attorneys are aware that their online presence is important, but are you managing your Google Business Profile (GBP)? Below are a few tips on how to manage your law firm’s GBP dashboard:

GBP Information Section

You may not realize it, but the information section of GBP is the most critical part of your dashboard. This section is where you provide online visitors with an overview of your law firm and your critical contact information, such as your firm name, address, telephone number, website address, hours of operation, and all other essential information. It is crucial to confirm that the information section is correct and updated regularly.

GBP Images & Photos Section

Online viewers want something to grab their attention and photos are an effective way to do that. Whether it is photos of your office, your staff, or images highlighting your services, this section allows you to show off your law firm.

GBP Products or Services Section

The products and services section of the GBP dashboard allows you to highlight the different legal services your law firm offers. Use this section to discuss not only the overall area of law you practice, such as family law, but also the breakdown of the more detailed services, such as divorce, child custody or paternity matters.

GBP Messages Section

One of your primary goals is to have potential clients contact you, so it is critical to respond to online inquiries. You should provide your law firm’s telephone number and how interested parties can message you. Additionally, your firm should request customer feedback. It is important to respond to all inquiries and thank those who leave reviews.

GBP Reviews Section

Your firm’s reviews section is very important. Obviously, you want to receive as many positive reviews as possible, but use this section to interact with people who leave a review whether it is positive or negative! Responding to negative feedback or complaints shows that you care and that you are listening to your audience. Your responses should be personal, but do not allow an online argument to occur. If the feedback turns aggressive, address the matter offline. Monitoring this section is critical to your Google rankings.

GBP Insights Section

Don’t overlook the insights section of your GBP dashboard. This section provides your firm with valuable information about your profile’s performance. For example, you can better understand your firm’s search activity and potential client engagement. In sum, this section assists you in understanding how online visitors are interacting with your law firm. This data is essential in making decisions about your marketing and customer service efforts.

GBP Posts Section

Your GBP dashboard has a section for posts, so use this space to create engaging content for your online visitors. Many law firms post blogs or newsletters in this section. You may also want to create informative infographics or share firm news and events in the posts section.

The above tips will ensure that your GBP account is managed effectively.

How Can The Rainmaker Institute Help?

By creating content that viewers find informative and relevant, easy to digest and in multiple formats (like audio or video as well as written), you are encouraging them to spend more time on your site. The Rainmaker team can use your Google Business Profile to direct potential clients to your website or directly to your business location. By filling each page with informative and easy-to-understand language, you are boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers. Additionally, we will help keep your Business Profile updated so your ranking improves.

The Rainmaker Institute’s team of 60 legal marketing experts will ensure that you consistently post professional, consumable content, reducing your time commitment and stress and allowing you to focus on the practice of law.

If you are interested in learning more about legal marketing or how The Rainmaker Institute can grow your business, contact us online or call us at (480) 347-9800.