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Social media has been an influential tool for marketing for years now. However, during the Covid-19 pandemic, online marketing became even more essential. Does your law firm have a powerful social media marketing presence?

Most attorneys think of social media as a marketing tool for consumer brands. Digital marketing has previously been the domain of clothing stores, restaurants, and other retail industries. However, things have changed, and the legal industry needs to catch-up! Large law firms, small firms, and even individual attorneys need to use social media to their advantage.

Consider how much time people (potential clients) spend time scrolling on social media sites. Shouldn’t your law firm’s name and brand be one of the things those people see? Do not miss the huge opportunity to create an effective social media presence to attract prospective clients and build connections.

So, how do you create an influential social media marketing strategy? Below are a few suggestions for using social media to benefit your law firm’s online presence:

Focus on the Basics

Before you worry about being flashy, focus on the basics. For example, select only a few platforms to begin with, particularly those you think your audience uses the most. When you first venture into social media marketing, you don’t want to spread yourself too thin. Remember, it is quality over quantity. Working on a few platforms, at first, allows you to set realistic and measurable goals. Attempting to create posts on every social media platform when you first begin your marketing efforts could be overwhelming. Instead, get comfortable with your content strategy and posting schedule.


Law firms must understand that visuals are critical to their social media marketing. A browser’s attention is more likely to be caught by an image or infographic than text. Attorneys can share legal tips, quotes, pictures of themselves, or other graphics that stand out. Visuals may be more important on certain visual-heavy platforms, but they are highly effective on all platforms.

Listen for Content Topics

You have likely heard that content is king. Developing and creating new and relevant content can be challenging. One of the best sources for content is your own law firm. What are your partners talking about? What kind of cases are you primarily managing?

You can also listen to what is in the news to determine if the subjects or controversies can be applied to your areas of practice. Is there current news that you can weigh in on and give your opinion? Topics you can relate to the legal industry are a fantastic way to start a conversation. Opening a dialogue or communication about a certain topic is a highly effective way to connect with your audience.


Videos are critical to your legal marketing strategy. You might be surprised how many potential clients turn to YouTube for legal guidance. Posting informational videos not only demonstrates your knowledge, but it also allows you to show your personality. Your audience feels more engaged with a video because there is a face to go along with the information.

If you are struggling with what content to include in videos, remember it doesn’t have to be a lecture! You can share stories, share thoughts on a relevant topic, or even conduct interviews. There isn’t a specific formula for your legal videos. Simply think about what your clients would be interested in learning and focus on that topic!


Online browsers are usually seeking information, not promotional content. As a result, posting blogs and news updates are a useful way to share information and prove your credibility. If you write a blog that presents the same issues a browser is facing and you provide options for them to consider, you will prove that you are the right attorney to assist them.

Regularly posting blogs will also help your Google ranking. Every firm should strive to be listed on the first page of a Google search for their practice area in their geographical region. Posting regular, informative, and SEO optimized blogs and legal updates can significantly help increase your Google ranking.

Engage with Your Audience

Social media provides you with a simple and effective way to build connections. Answering questions, responding to comments, or otherwise participating with online browsers will show you care, and you truly are there to help them! You may even consider thanking current clients who leave positive reviews or comments about your law firm online.

Tell Your Story

One of the most impactful things a law firm can do through social media is tell their story. Your firm is nothing without the people in it. Thus, it is critical that you humanize your brand. Form an emotional connection with online users and they will think of you first when a legal issue arises. Whether you share how the firm was formed, spotlight an employee each month, or discuss the charities you support, any insight into the people behind the brand is influential.

Let The Rainmaker Institute Help With Your Social Media Marketing

People hire attorneys they feel a connection with, and social media is a highly effective way to build relationships with potential clients. We focus on boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers. The Rainmaker Institute’s experienced team of Social Media Managers work directly with your other services to craft a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy. This well-rounded approach ensures you have the brand recognition you need to stay competitive online, as well as keep you top of mind to existing and potential clients.

Our passion is to help you achieve a Lifestyle Law Firm® – one that is financially successful, personally satisfying, and gives you the freedom to enjoy your life and the time do what is important to you.

To learn more about how we can take your legal marketing to the next level, contact us using our convenient online form or call us at 480.347.9800.