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Google is at it again…more change! This time it is changing Google My Business to Google Business Profile. The name change isn’t the only modification. The business profile management will be transferred from the app and directly into Google Search and Google Maps, as well as those apps.

Why Change the Google My Business Name?

The change from Google My Business to Google Business Profile was solely to “keep things simple,” Google stated. The Google My Business app will be retired sometime in 2022. Before this occurs, Google has encouraged business owners to manage their single listings using Google Search of Google Maps, instead of using the Google My Business platform.

Larger businesses that have multiple locations will be transitioned to “Business Profile Manager,” which users will be redirected from the Google My Business web interface. Of course, it remains to be seen whether there will be modifications made to the Business Profile Manager as things progress.

New Features of Google Business Profile

Customers can now claim and verify their Business Profile using Google Search or Google Maps. To do this, you search for your business’s name and an option will appear for you to claim and verify your associated Business Profile. Once this has occurred and your business has been verified, your business can edit its information such as location, store hours, images, and more.

Although it is an experimental feature and only available in the United States and Canada, users can track telephone calls from their customers or clients on Google Search or Google Maps using a call history feature. When a customer clicks on the “Call” button on your Google Business Profile, their call will be recorded in the “Calls” tab for you to reference. This option allows business owners to make sure they respond to missed calls and connect with searchers who located their business using Google. It also keeps a log of all calls from Google in one convenient place.

Google My Business will also have the messaging function. Users will see a “Messages” button. When you click on it, a messaging chat box tool will appear. A list of your customers or clients will appear and you can click on them to load them into the chat window where you can respond to messages.

What Does this Mean for Your Business?

When a business keeps their listing updated, posts regularly, and gets reviews routinely, it can boost it to the top of the rankings for their business category. This is crucial because it results in a significant online presence and more potential clients.

Although branding appears to be the primary change being made by Google at this point, you can expect Google My Business options to be directly available in Google Search and Google Maps.

How Can The Rainmaker Institute Help?

By creating content that viewers find informative and relevant, easy to digest and in multiple formats (like audio or video as well as written), you are encouraging them to spend more time on your site. The Rainmaker team can use your Google Business Profile to direct potential clients to your website or directly to your business location. By filling each page with informative and easy-to-understand language, you are boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers. Additionally, we will help keep your Business Profile updated so your ranking improves.

The Rainmaker Institute’s team of 60 legal marketing experts will ensure that you consistently post professional, consumable content, reducing your time commitment and stress and allowing you to focus on the practice of law.

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