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Google is making changes again! A new search algorithm called the “helpful content update” is currently being rolled out. This update will focus on websites with a large amount of unhelpful content. The primary target will be sites written for search engines instead of a live audience.

Helpful Content Update

Google’s helpful content update is geared toward awarding sites that provide high-quality content written to inform and help actual humans. Content that is written solely to rank well in SEO searches, but that isn’t helpful, is beginning to frustrate online users. When you click on a highly ranked search result and nothing useful is provided, it detracts from the entire search experience.

Designing content that ranks well, but provides low-quality content, is becoming more frequent. As a result, Google is taking action to downgrade these types of uninformative webpages. The helpful content update is designed for humans seeking authentic and quality answers to their searches.

Impact of Helpful Content Update

Google does not directly target any specific websites or topics. Still, the types of content most likely to be affected by the new algorithm include educational materials, tech-related content, arts, entertainment, and shopping. These websites are more commonly written as “search engine first” sites rather than for humans.

The algorithm is a site-wide update, so if a significant portion of your site’s content is unhelpful, your entire website will be negatively impacted. While only English searches will be affected initially, Google intends to expand to other languages soon. Additionally, even if your law firm removes unhelpful content from its site, it may take months before you see it perform better.

What is “Helpful” Content?

Since the algorithm does not affect individual pages, but rather your firm’s entire site, you must ensure that your content is deemed to be overall useful and helpful. Google has not disclosed what percentage of a website must be helpful versus unhelpful to trigger the classifier. It is helpful to remove the unhelpful content to protect your law firm’s website ranking (and the pages that provide useful information).

Google provided the following checklist for creating content for people, not search engines. If your firm can answer “yes” to the questions below, it means you’re probably on the right track with a people-first approach:

Applying SEO to your people-first content is the way to “win-over” the new algorithm.

Machine Learning Identifies Unhelpful Content

A new machine learning algorithm is performing the identification and evaluation of unhelpful content. The algorithm should improve over time as the automated machine learning gets better. Additionally, a variety of indicators about the website will be used by the update to determine the ranking of the page or site.

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