WEBINAR of a Q&A Session with a Law Firm Marketing Expert

This Q & A Session Answers Questions About:
How To Recession-Proof Your Law Firm!

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Do you have questions about how to market and grow your law firm right now?

Are you struggling because your leads are down?

Prospects don’t want to commit?

Need to make some difficult decisions in the next 90 days and want an expert to weigh in?

Concerned about how this recession is going to impact your law firm?

Now you have the opportunity to watch/listen to a Law Firm Marketing Expert answer questions that attorneys asked about topics such as:

  • On getting more leads
  • Converting more prospects into paying clients
  • Pivoting your practice
  • Managing your team during difficult times
  • How to look for opportunities when the sky is falling
  • SEO and PPC
  • Social media
  • Measurements and metrics
  • How to overcome pricing objections
    …and many other topics related to growing and managing your law firm.

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Stephen Fairley is the CEO of The Rainmaker Institute®, the nation’s largest law firm marketing company specializing in lead conversion for small to medium size law firms. Over 20,000 attorneys nationwide have benefited from learning and implementing the proven marketing and lead conversion strategies taught by The Rainmaker Institute®.