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Video content on your website is no longer a nice to have, it’s a have to have. Not only do you get rewarded by Google for having it, you amp up the trust factor with prospects that can watch your videos, get to know and trust you, and then hopefully take the next step to give you a call.

One of the most effective ways to capture leads with video is to take a subject you know will be of great interest to your prospects (tip: answer a common question/concern you’ve heard from most of your clients) and create a short video to distribute on your social media platforms.

While we recommend that you or another attorney at your law firm answer these questions, you can also develop animated videos with stock footage and words illustrating your subject matter with your law firm marketing provider (we do this) or by using online tools like Magisto, Promo, Wave Video, and more.

Your video should make an offer to download a free ebook or other premium content like a newsletter and drive those who click on the offer to a landing page where they can get that material once they provide their contact information.

Landing pages are essential to lead conversion. They have no other purpose than to direct someone to fulfill your call to action. Your landing page should include some additional succinct selling points that support the video’s call to action, and a built-in form that captures a name and email address.

Once you create your video content, upload it to YouTube and Facebook and share it on all your other profiles — LinkedIn, Twitter, and your blog. If you serve millennials, consider hosting a live stream event on Facebook where people can ask you questions. It may seem weird to you, but it’s what works for getting them engaged with you.

Fast and easy tips for maximizing your firm’s video marketing efforts

Always repurpose content and use it on all your websites: Don’t just choose what you feel in the one correct platform – it’s about using all of them to drive traffic to your websites. When filming content for a social media platform, upload the video to all your profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and especially your own blog. Posting content across all the online platforms raises your chances of the content being seen.

Utilize the new live video streaming tools: Since video content is growing so fast, many social media platforms have great tools for creating unbelievable content. Live streaming is a wonderful way to connect with people on social media, especially millennials.

While professional quality productions are very impressive, most of your video content shouldn’t be too overdone: If you and your firm have expertise in certain areas of law and you share your knowledge with viewers that want some reliable legal advice, informal videos are the easiest and best ways to communicate with your future clients. Smartphones and iPads have made sharing your vast knowledge quite easy.