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Video & Paid Marketing Case Study

New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyer Builds A Local Celebrity Brand With Video In 12 Months!

Video Marketing Case Study

Criminal Defense Lawyer Crushes,Video, Youtube & Social Media With Video!

When lawyers think of creating videos, many of them wonder how it leads to business.  Can you really find clients on YouTube and social media?  

You can find anyone on Youtube and social media.  

Meet Daniel. He wanted to do something different from other lawyers and knew video started to explore video.  Most lawyers get stuck with what to do or say especially when it comes to video because isn’t talking about the law boring?

That’s why you need to get creative! Daniel started creating videos that started generating thousands of views on YouTube.

Youtube views

What Happened Next?

Daniel’s Youtube channel started taking off, but he didn’t just stop there he took his content to his social media platforms, where again it created more results.  Instead of posting typical lawyer social content, he went to both long and short form video. This is called multi-purposing.  Daniel’s social media accounts started generating views and starting conversations as more people took note of his content.

The key with social media is not telling everyone you’re a lawyer, but reminding them.  Over the last year all of his social profiles now have a history content which is very advantageous.  First, these profiles serve as a secondary resume, plus ALL of his clients were on social media. 

"Let's Take This To The Next Level & Run Ads"

Video Lead Generation For Law Firms

Once Daniel built a baseline of content on ALL his social media handles, it was time to take it to the next level and run ads, but this is where many get confused because there are different types of ads to run for different reasons.  In Daniel’s case, we realized he was already generating a lot of website visits, but was not retargeting that website traffic. Retargeting is essential for any business online as it allows you to “follow” your prospects around and build trust.

Have you ever visited a website for say, shoes, and then all of the sudden those shoes started following you around the internet?  That’s retargeting.  Daniel then started retargeting his website and social media traffic everywhere! This extra attention keeps his brand “everywhere all the time” which helps his intake team convert more clients.

Paid Media Case Study: Getting The Highest ROI With Google

In the first 3 weeks of running ads under our control they converted 3 new clients for a total cases totaling $19,500 in additional revenue. This happened bccause the ads needed to be optimized and dialed in.

Google “Optimization” digging deep into your ad results and removing the things that are not working or creating a return on investment.  For example, if nobody is clicking on your ads in a certain zip code, it makes no sense to continue to show your ads to people in that zip code right?  This is where optimizing is so important.  

In this case we remove, not only did he spend $3,000 less in ad spend, he is genrating leads for much less than he ever has and the numbers will continue to get better.



The Results:

This is a perfect example how paid media and video marketing go hand and hand together.  Paid media drives traffic to your firm, but the vieo marketing is what humanizes it and “assists” in client conversion while building a locally famous lawyer brand.  Right now only 24% of lawyers are on video, so it makes it extremely easy to stand out from the crowd.

What Daniel Has To Say About Rainmaker...