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You have heard that SEO is the most effective way to build your law firm’s online presence for the long term, but it takes time before you begin seeing results. If you are looking for quicker results while you are in the process of optimizing your website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great option. Pay-per-click can quickly generate traffic to your law firm in a shorter amount of time.

How Does Pay-per-Click Marketing Work?

Regardless of where your law firm is located, you are competing for clients. Law firms located outside your geographical area can reach potential clients located near you by having a strong online presence and advertising their services in your city.

Using PPC can help provide your law firm an advantage over the competition. PPC is not the same as generic advertising because there is a strategy behind it. When your firm implements a PPC campaign, you only pay when a user clicks on your ads. Your ad will focus on specific keywords to attract potential clients, and when they click on the ad, it will take the user to a webpage of your choosing. Once directed to your webpage, the user is ideally provided with the information necessary to convert the user into a client.

What should a PPC Campaign Include?

Your law firm will want to consider several factors when developing a PPC ad, including:

In selecting the keywords for your PPC campaign, it is essential to target users in relation to their search interests. In other words, your ad should only be targeting users already searching for an attorney. Thus, it would be best if you focused on using keywords that your ideal clients would use when searching for the legal services you provide. For example, “divorce lawyer,” “employment attorney,” or other comparable searches that are the most likely to be used when a user is conducting online searches for your practice areas.

PPC Ads Have Prime Spot on Google

PPC ads appear at the very top of the searcher’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) by Google. This means that your firm’s PPC ad will appear above the local and organic search results, which is the coveted spot for advertisements.

PPC Allows Flexibility

It is quite simple to monitor the daily results of your PPC campaign. If your ads are not performing well, you can easily modify them. This type of flexibility is important because you can make the changes necessary to generate leads for your firm easily and quickly. PPC allows you to create a campaign that allows your law firm to stand out from the competition.

What about the Landing Page for the PPC Ad?

Selecting the landing page for the user to be directed to when they click on your ad is a critical step in the process. You may be tempted to use your law firm’s home page, but this may not be the best choice because home pages provide general information. In fact, creating a unique, stand-alone landing page with a clear call to action aimed at the exact services advertised in your ad is going to have a higher conversion rate.

Your PPC campaign should also narrowly target the users searching for legal help and limit clicks from anyone else. The more your keywords anticipate the searches used by potential clients, the more likely you will receive clicks that generate leads. Considerations such as scheduling ads during high traffic times, setting geographical limits, specifying demographic details, and other such factors can assist in matching with potential clients.

What Does PPC Cost?

Since you only pay when users click on your ad, you can track results and modify them as needed until your campaign achieves the desired results. In addition, PPC allows your firm to decide how much it will spend on the campaign. In fact, not only can you set your overall budget, but you can also set a daily average for how much your firm will spend on PPC ads.

Let The Rainmaker Institute Help with Your PPC Marketing

People hire attorneys they feel connected with, and pay-per-click ads are a highly effective and quick way to direct potential clients to your law firm’s webpage. Once a user connects with your law firm, the likelihood of them retaining you increases significantly.

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