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The use of social media in your legal marketing efforts is essential. The good news is that it provides your clients with a quick and straightforward way to connect with your law firm. Social media can even provide an outlet for showing other sides to your firm and the people who work for it.

The bad news for attorneys attempting to manage their own marketing is there are a few obstacles that can stand in the way of their efforts. Below are 8 challenges to consider when deciding whether to do your own marketing or outsource it to social media experts:

1.     No Focus or Strategy

Social media is an effective marketing tool, but do you know how to use it properly? It is imperative that your law firm has a strategy for the content it will post and how the attorneys intend to interact with their audience. Do you have a plan for how you will monitor the data? You must know how to measure your marketing efforts and the ROI to understand your conversion rate to actual, paying clients.

2.    Too Expensive

Most lawyers are reluctant to spend money on legal marketing because they believe it is too expensive. While attorneys can write their own blogs and newsletters, it takes a significant amount time away from their billable hours to accomplish these tasks. If you consider making multiple posts of content to your website each week, the time away from billing time can be quite costly. Additionally, lawyers need to realize that potential clients are increasingly using the internet to make their decisions. Having a strong and impactful online presence will increase your conversions.

3.     Understand Your Audience

Your online identity is how potential clients will relate to you. Selecting your firm’s colors, images, layout, content, and anything else that impacts your brand is crucial. Your website is your law firm’s most important marketing tool, so you want it to have significant impact on your audience.

4.     Difficulty with Content

Law firms typically have an idea of what type of content they need to have on their website, such as their areas of practice and services offered, but attorneys may struggle with how to best present this content. In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to grab a reader’s attention quickly and then find ways to hold their interest. Failing to understand how to accomplish this can make it difficult for a law firm to create content that has a significant impact.

5.     Failing to Grow Your Brand

Busy law firms can have difficulty developing a personal brand. However, this is where using social media properly can help. Your potential clients are going to connect with you and your staff, so investing in growing your law firm’s personal brand is one of the best things you can do.

6.     Fighting Progress

It is common for lawyers to get stuck in their ways. Many times, this is because they are too busy practicing law to find time to make changes. However, if a process is older than three years, it is time to reevaluate it. Technology is changing how we conduct business at a fast rate. If you fail to keep up, it will soon hurt your profitability and ability to grow. It should be your law firm’s goal to immerse itself in social media. Instead of being attorneys who merely post every so often, strive to be a valuable resource that participates in conversations, answers questions, and gives insights into the legal world.

7.     Impatience with Slow Results

We live in a world where we all want immediate results, but that is not how online marketing works. Social media requires time and effort before you see the long-term results. However, once you get the ball rolling, it gains momentum and becomes easier to see the investment pay off.

8.     No Time

One of the primary challenges facing attorneys who want to improve their legal marketing efforts is they simply do not have the time. Everyone understands that time is money, and it is important to focus on providing the legal services that pay the bills. Attorneys are reluctant to invest time and effort in planning their marketing content and establishing an effective strategy to reach potential clients, even though using social media is the most cost-effective tool for growing their business.

Fortunately, the legal marketing experts at The Rainmaker Institute can help you overcome all these obstacles. Let us focus on your marketing efforts while you focus on practicing law!

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Our team of social media experts will design a social media campaign that attracts your target clients and reflects your personality. Rather than hiring and managing a team to build and maintain your social media pages, you can take advantage of our experts at a fraction of the cost.

Your new social media sites require fresh, rich content to rank high on search engines like Google. Businesses that blog regularly, for instance, are rewarded with 77% more traffic on their websites.

The Rainmaker Institute will populate your social media sites with content-rich blogs about topics you select and approve. You can rest comfortably knowing your content is targeted to attract the leads you want. And the best part, we do all the work so you can do what you do best…lawyering.

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