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It’s not always easy to get people to give you their email addresses unless you give them good reasons to do so. Here are 7 tips for building your law firm email marketing list:

Use social media.

Every one of your social media pages should include a link to your email subscription page so your followers can opt-in. Use social media ads to promote a special offer — something you give away in exchange for email sign-ups.

Eliminate or re-engage inactive subscribers.

With most email service providers, you can generate a list of recipients who have not opened your emails. You need to identify those who have not opened any of your emails in the past six months. Then you either eliminate them from your list or try a re-engagement campaign.  Here’s an example:

Craft content for sharing.

When you are creating content for your e-newsletter or other email, keep sharing in mind. You want to have people on your list share with others so you can expand your influence beyond your list. Be sure to make it easy by adding a Share button to your newsletter template.

Use your blog.

The content you send out to email subscribers doesn’t have to be original. Using blog posts that you know have already resonated with your target market makes it more likely your email will be shared.

Share lists with a strategic referral partner.

A strategic referral partner is someone who is in a different business than you are but has the same target market. While you don’t want to give your email marketing list to another business — this could violate the terms under which you got those email addresses — you can offer to send an email for your referral partner’s business to your list, and then they reciprocate. Encourage your subscribers to sign up for your referral partner’s emails in exchange for the same from the other business.

Rethink your business cards.

The typical business card lists your name, the firm’s name, address and phone, and your email. But don’t stop there. Use the other side of the card to list all your social media accounts as well as a landing page where they can subscribe to your email list.

Ask for email addresses.

Every encounter you have is an opportunity to ask for an email address. Ask their permission to add their email address to your list and let them know the benefits of subscribing. I invite you to sign up right now for our monthly newsletter, the Rainmaker Report, where you will get lots of new tips on law firm marketing sent right to your inbox every month. Our sign-up form is to the right of this post –>

The effort to build a good email marketing list never ends, but it’s worth it since your email list is something you own and totally control. Plus, research keeps telling us that email is still the most effective and least costly way to communicate with clients and prospects.