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Are you looking for ways to convert browsers into clients? One option you should consider is using chat on your law firm’s website. Below are the top seven reasons you should add that little chat button and wait to see the results:

1. Live Chat is Convenient for Potential Clients

Online users are increasingly expecting instant gratification. The chat button satisfies this need by providing real-time conversation with browsers. The users that are most likely to use chat buttons for law firms are those that want to know more about your practice areas and how you could help them specifically. As a result, having a chat button could assist you in understanding which areas of practice are most needed so you can focus your marketing efforts better.

2. Live Chat is Cost-Efficient

Using live chat can save you money because a single chat agent can handle several chats at the same time. You can also use live chat software, which can provide cost-effective options.

Using live chat allows potential clients to receive real-time answers to their questions. It can also reduce the amount of time your receptionist, paralegal, or even you spend answering initial questions.

3. Live Chat is an Advantage Over Competitors

Competition in the legal world is fierce. Your law firm likely knows of several other law firms in the same area that have the same practice areas. Thus, it is critical to take every option to make your law firm stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter whether you have just a few lawyers or several hundred in your firm; live chat can keep browsers on your website instead of searching elsewhere for the answers they need.

4. Live Chat Increases Conversions

Having instant communication with your law firm can increase confidence and trustworthiness. If you are willing to provide information without even meeting the person, it proves that you care and are available for them.

It is essential to remember that the success of your live chat depends on properly training your chat agents. After all, your representative must be knowledgeable about your practice areas and how you can help the potential client. You may even want to give your chat agent ways to incentivize the individual to continue their relationship with your law firm, such as offering a free consultation or free workshop.

5. Around-the-Clock Service

When you provide live chat, it means 24/7 support for your potential clients. It doesn’t mean that you must pay somebody to cover every hour of every day, but you can use a chatbot to provide support during non-work hours. In addition, a chatbot can provide necessary information until an agent is available.

6. Chat Can be Proactive

An option available with live chat is sending proactive invitations. As a result, your law firm can turn online browsers into paying clients. Additionally, you can monitor the behavior of the visitors to your website and use chat to invite them to further interact with your staff or attorneys.

7. Reports

Most quality live-chat software includes reports that outline the activity of the browsers on your website, as well as the activity of your chat agents. This data can be used to improve your website and how you focus your legal marketing efforts. You can also use these reports to improve your client support efforts.

Final Tips

If you are considering using live chat on your law firm’s website, you should make sure you have at least one person monitoring the chat inquiries during your business hours. This person should be well trained and prepared to answer various inquiries. Keep track of the most common issues addressed on chat and how well your representative handles the inquiries so you are consistently improving performance. Finally, remember that online browsers are looking for a connection, so your chat agent should not be afraid to be personable. You want the chat session to be the first of many interactions between your firm and the potential client.

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