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We have previously discussed the importance of setting up your Google Business Profile (GBP). However, GBP is not something you can set up and then ignore. It is common for people searching for legal services to engage with your GBP without ever visiting your website. Consistent monitoring of your GBP is critical in convincing these people to schedule a consultation with your attorneys.

Below are four primary elements of Google Business Profile that you should monitor:

1. Messages from Online Visitors

Visitors to your GBP can use a messaging feature to contact you directly. Messages arrive through the messaging feature in your account, so it is vital that somebody in your firm checks the account and responds to the messages.

Most messages received through GBP messaging are visitors asking questions. Failing to respond to these questions is a quick way to lose a lead interested in your firm. It is important for you to follow Google’s guidelines governing communication using the GBP messaging feature. A few examples of prohibited communication include:

• Requesting private or sensitive data, such as credit card information

• Sending harassing or inappropriate content

• Sending unsolicited, irrelevant, or unwanted messages

For a full list of the guidelines, please click here.

 2. Scheduling Consultations

A key benefit of GBP is your ability to make it convenient for potential clients to schedule a consultation with your attorneys. GBP provides partners you can use that allow you to provide the visitor with available consultation times, they click a convenient time, and then it syncs your scheduled consultations with your Google Calendar. Making it as convenient as possible will increase the likelihood of more bookings.

3. Obtaining Reviews

Your law firm’s reviews play a crucial role in attracting new clients. Google’s review website is a big advantage for your law firm if you use it properly and implement reputation management efforts. 

Your law firm’s reviews can be accessed from your GBP. Obviously, you will want to collect as many positive reviews as possible. Google searches are much more likely to rank highly rated law firms rather than firms with no reviews. Additionally, positive reviews boost your law firm’s local SEO strategy while establishing trust and confidence in clients viewing your GBP.

4. Performance Analytics

You might be surprised to learn that GBP provides analytics that helps you understand, among other things, how many people have viewed your listing, how they found you, and whether they clicked through to visit your firm’s website. You will also have access to analytics showing how well your listing is performing. Once you have gathered this information, you can make changes to your GBP listing where needed.

How Can The Rainmaker Institute Help With Google Business Profile?

By creating content that viewers find informative and relevant, easy to digest and in multiple formats (like audio or video as well as written), you are encouraging them to spend more time on your site. The Rainmaker team can use your Google Business Profile to direct potential clients to your website or directly to your business location. By filling each page with informative and easy-to-understand language, you are boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers. Additionally, we will help keep your Business Profile updated so your ranking improves.

The Rainmaker Institute’s team of 60 legal marketing experts will ensure that you consistently post professional, consumable content, reducing your time commitment and stress and allowing you to focus on the practice of law.

If you are interested in learning more about legal marketing or how The Rainmaker Institute can grow your business, contact us online or call us at (480) 347-9800.