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It seems like everything is changing on a day-by-day and week-to-week basis — this includes how you approach legal marketing online during this unprecedented pandemic. We are seeing a lot of the same things happening now that also occurred during the Great Recession — referrals are running dry and the phones have stopped ringing.

Never before have we seen so many attorneys making serious legal marketing mistakes nor have we ever seen so many opportunities to crush your competition and grow your law firm!

If your phone isn’t ringing and your revenues aren’t growing, you or your marketing people are doing something really wrong! Let us show you how to identify the problems and fix them fast.

On-Demand FREE Webinar: Online Legal Marketing Strategies That Work Right Now. We will pull back the curtain and show you exactly what’s been working for our fastest-growing consumer law firm clients in the last 4-6 weeks.

In this fast-paced live training, you will discover:

  • Real case studies of law firms that are really crushing it right now
  • How to use your Google My Business profile for maximum lead generation
  • What Google means by “mobile first” vs. “mobile friendly” and why you should care
  • 3 simple steps to create a reliable and repeatable lead generating machine
  • How to use gated content to get more leads
  • Using the power of online reviews to get more qualified leads
  • Why you should care more about what your site looks like on a smartphone than on a laptop
  • 5 critical things every consumer looks for on your website

For the On-Demand FREE Webinar click to register so you can listen/watch this eye-opening webinar presentation.