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In the COVID-crazy world we all live in now, the status quo simply does not work. Your law firm marketing program may have been humming along quite nicely before the pandemic hit, but not anymore. The lawyers I talk to these days say their phones have stopped ringing. New leads are drying up fast.

Clearly, it’s time to pivot.

What matters most right now are Leads and Cash. Without leads, you have no sales. No sales means no cash. And no cash means no business!

The fact is that there will be more than a few law firms that will not survive the coming recession. Why? Because they have no reliable, repeatable system for attracting and converting new leads. And no leads means: no sales, no cash, no business.

It’s time to pivot.

On-Demand FREE Webinar: Time to Pivot: Marketing Moves That Matter Most Right Now.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

If the COVID-19 crisis has unveiled any areas of weakness in your law firm that impact your ability to attract new clients in this climate, then you will want to reserve your seat now for this important webinar!

In my 20+ years of counseling and training more than 20,000 attorneys on proven marketing and lead conversion strategies, I have learned what it takes for law firms to prevail in tough times. The Great Recession of 2007-2008 challenged many firms; some made it and some didn’t. In this webinar, I will share some of the strategies that worked during that time that are highly applicable to today’s business environment.

Don’t waste another moment wondering what to do.

Listen to the FREE training webinar: Time to Pivot: Marketing Moves That Matter Most Right Now