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If your law firm is not using Google Ads as part of its legal marketing strategy, you are missing out. Below are a few things to know about Google Ads:

1.    Understanding Google Ads

The first step is understanding Google’s online advertising program. A Google Ad is a paid advertisement that appears on a search engine result page. Using Google Ads allows your law firm to reach a significant number of potential clients searching for the legal services you provide.

2.   Cost of Google Ads

Another significant benefit of Google Ads is that your firm only pays when an online user clicks on the ad, referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. As a result, you can control your budget and choose where you law firm’s ad appears.

3.   Benefits of Google Ads

Most people looking to hire an attorney conduct online searches to learn about law firms before they do anything else. Of course, they typically use Google for their search. If your law firm does not appear in the search results, then you are not even in the running to get their business. For this reason alone, Google Ads is worth the small investment.

          Google Ads Work Quickly

One of the top benefits of using Google Ads is that it works quickly. An optimized Google Ad can help your law firm obtain fast results. Compared to SEO – another effective marketing strategy that takes time to work – ads provide a greater chance of seeing positive results quickly. The reason Google Ads is effective in a shorter amount of time is your firm can focus on multiple keywords. In addition, if your ads appear at the top of the search results page, your law firm achieves immediate visibility.

          Google Ads Increase Brand Awareness

If your Google Ad appears on a user’s search results page, it is instant exposure to your brand. The more your firm brand appears when keywords related to your legal services are searched for online, the more credibility it provides. It is natural for people to feel more comfortable with what they recognize and are familiar with, so brand recognition is crucial.

          Google Ads Increase Leads

The goal of all legal advertising is to increase leads and, ultimately, clients. Google Ads is highly effective in generating leads. Your firm’s ads can target potential clients who are actively searching for the legal services you provide and direct them to your website.

          Google Ads is Flexible

Google Ads is a marketing platform that fits all sizes of firms and budgets. You can create a campaign that targets your ideal clients in a wide variety of locations. Your ads can be designed for different devices and according to what your budget allows. You can modify your keywords and narrow the focus according to what is achieving positive results. Google Ads provides a high return on a small investment.

Contact The Rainmaker Institute for Legal Marketing Help

If you are not using Google Ads but you are interested in learning more, contact The Rainmaker Institute. The experts at The Rainmaker have always focused on providing quality legal content to inform and educate your firm’s online visitors. Your law firm’s digital presence – particularly your website – is crucial in generating and converting leads. You have worked hard to get where you are, so learn to use technology to your advantage so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor more often while also generating new clients!

The Rainmaker Institute can help you create an effective Google Ads campaign and implement a successful SEO strategy with top-quality content created for your clients and potential clients that will take your law firm’s online presence to the next level. We handle your legal marketing so you can focus on lawyering.

If you are ready to ensure your law firm’s website is the best it can be and see your Google ranking improve, we can help. Whether you choose to attend one of our live events or you want a free, confidential consultation, we are here to help!