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WordPress is a Content Management System that offers many advantages to its users. WordPress is an excellent option if your law firm is interested in improving its website pages by posting content, images and media, blogs, and other similar items. Below are a few of the beneficial features of WordPress:

1.   Ownership

WordPress allows you to download the software to your own host. You own the software, your URL, and the space. You don’t have to worry about somebody coming along later and changing the rules, creating privacy issues, or making unwanted changes. You are the only party that can change the design.

2.   Publishing is Made Easy

WordPress makes it easy to publish all forms of content to the Internet. You don’t need to be an expert coder or learn a complicated program. Instead, a user can use a few simple clicks to post website pages and blogs, or plugin various media types.

3.  Simple Management of Content

WordPress provides tools that allow the user to manage their content. You can create drafts, view revisions, and schedule content to be posted as desired. Your content can be kept private, even secured with a password for access, or it can be made public.

4.   Different Access Levels

A user can determine varying levels of access if several people are using the system. For example, authors have access to writing the content, while an administrator has access to manage the overall site. WordPress provides an easy checks and balances system, which is crucial if there are multiple contributors.

5.   SEO Optimization

WordPress is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly and helps get your site ranked as high as possible in search engine results. A user can also add SEO plugins for more succinct SEO efforts. Improving your SEO allows Google and other search engines to locate and index your site. A properly optimized site results in the content being displayed in search engine results.

6.   Flexible Development

WordPress allows users to develop a wider variety of websites, but it is particularly well-suited for law firms. You can select custom themes and choose plugins for a better experience for your website visitors. You can also add media with easy drag and drop features, as well as edit them if needed.

7.   Simple Installation/Upgrades

You might be surprised at how easy WordPress is to install. Many web hosts provide WordPress installers with one click. However, if you are a novice and intimidated by the idea of the installation process, there is plenty of information provided to walk you through the process step by step. Once you have it installed, you must customize your settings and graphics, then start adding content. As you progress, updates or changes are effective as soon as you click “save.”

8.   Plugins

Using WordPress plugins is critical to implementing critical functions to your website. For example, plugins can be used to improve the speed of your site, improve SEO, add contact forms, and much more. Even better, there are over a thousand free WordPress plugins to choose from (as well as premium plugins)! If WordPress does not do something, there is probably a plugin that will allow you to do it.

9.   Security

Every website has vulnerabilities, and you must be concerned with how easily your site can be hacked. However, WordPress has an active community that implements open source development, which has resulted in more techies working to constantly improve it than many major software companies employ. If a user follows a few simple security best practices in WordPress, the chance of your WordPress site being vulnerable is significantly reduced. Of course, there are also WordPress security plugins that are worth considering as well.

10th & Best Reason to use WordPress = Awesome Results

When it comes to websites for law firms, it is common for them to be created and then sit to die a slow death. Attorneys don’t want to mess with online updates when they need to be focused on practicing law. However, WordPress makes it so easy to manage your content and perform quick updates that even the busiest lawyers may find themselves taking time to work on their website. Dare we say lawyers could have fun with it?

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