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Does your law firm’s landing pages have what it takes to keep its visitors? Below are 10 best practices for your landing pages that will not only improve your website, but increase conversions:

Landing Pages Should Focus on Your Goals

For attorneys, the primary goal is typically to obtain new clients. Therefore, your landing page should clearly and quickly inform the visitor of what services your law firm offers. Your practice areas should be easy to discover and the best-selling points for your law firm should be expressed. Essentially, your landing page should inform the visitor that if they have a specified need, you are the lawyers that can best help them.

Keep Forms Simple

Using forms is an essential part of your landing page, but you should never ask for more information than is needed. The general rule is to use less than seven fields of input. Most users are reluctant to provide too much information before speaking to a human, so respect this boundary.

Review Content and Your Call to Action

The content on your landing page should be created with the designed page in mind. You do not want your website visitors to be greeted with a wall of text that requires them to sift through to get to the point. The use of bullet points and headers can help the reader grasp essential information with just a glance at the page. It is also recommended that you test your content and your CTA. You may surprised at what resonates with your audience.

Use a Straightforward Design

Have you ever been on a website and gotten lost? You can’t find the “buy now” or another important button because the page is so busy? This type of frustration is exactly what your firm wants to avoid in its website. A webpage with too many dropdowns or other distractions can be overwhelming to a user, so don’t lose conversions due to this error in design.

Your landing page should reflect your brand, have your law firm’s colors on it, and be easily navigable. The use of something that grabs the user’s attention is also important, such as images, infographics, videos, or other visually interesting content.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag

One of the best forms of advertising is positive reviews. Ask your existing clients for permission to use their review on your page. You may want to use a platform, such as Google Business Profile, that will integrate with your landing page to post fresh reviews. You should have the reviews appear at the bottom of your landing page so they don’t distract from the main goal you are trying to focus on – getting the user to contact and hire you.

Remember to be Mobile-Friendly

We all use our smart phones for online searches, so it is imperative for your landing page to be compatible with any device. This means your landing page should be viewable on a variety of screen sizes. To be safe, place your forms or buttons in the center of your page on a solid, single-color background.

Quick Loading Time

We have all done it – a page takes too long to load, so we click away from it and move on. Don’t use anything too big on your page that could slow its loading time. Not only will slow loading time damage any SEO work you have accomplished on the page, it will lose potential clients.

Update Your Pages Regularly

A user expects your landing page to be current, so update it regularly to avoid it being outdated. An update doesn’t have to be major. You can change a color, add text, or exchange out an image and Google will register the content as being fresh.

Place Important Information First

Like most content you write online, the most critical information should be visisbile first on your landing page. Content such as client testimonials, logos, or other similar items can be placed toward the bottom or beneath the fold.


We may have saved the best for last – you must create your landing pages with SEO in mind. This means creating a unique URL, title tag, header tag, meta description, name your images, backlinking and much more!

The Rainmaker Institute Can Elevate Your Marketing

If you are ready to create a strong and effective legal marketing strategy, The Rainmaker Institute can help with improving landing pages and much more.

People hire attorneys they feel a connection with. If a visitor cannot locate or doesn’t connect with your website, then chances are they aren’t going to call you. We focus on boosting your visibility online and converting browsers into believers.

To learn more about how we can take your legal marketing to the next level, contact us using our convenient online form or call us at 480.347.9800. Let us handle your marketing efforts so you can focus on being a lawyer!