A Lawyer’s Guide to Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management

A Lawyer’s Guide to Online Reputation Management

It is difficult to overstate how important online reputation management is to new business development for law firms. Here’s what it is, why it’s important, and how you can tackle it: What is online reputation management? Basically, online reputation management is observing and influencing feedback about your law firm on digital platforms — social networks, search engines, and review sites. It involves a number of tasks, including: Monitoring customer feedback on every key platform where your business is talked about/reviewed. Watching closely to ensure competitors and others are not disparaging your firm online. Addressing any issues or concerns raised by

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Email Marketing

10 Tips to Maximize Your Law Firm Email Marketing Results

Is your law firm’s email marketing delivering the results you expect? Do you even know what to expect? As of May 2019, the benchmarks for the Legal Services industry category according to Constant Contact are as follows: Open rate: 19.52% Click-through rate: 5.93% Bounce rate: 12.46% Unsubscribe rate: 0.02% Here are 10 tips that can help you beat these average rates so your marketing messages will get through to clients and prospects: Tip #1: Deploy the double opens strategy If you are meeting the benchmark for opens in the legal industry — around 20% — that means that 8 out

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What Google Says Are the Top 3 SEO Factors

When Google talks about SEO, everyone should listen. And Google is speaking volumes in a new video series on the Google Webmaster YouTube channel: SEO Mythbusting. Here’s what it’s about: Hosted by Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Martin Splitt, the first episode explored the top three SEO factors to focus on. While none of them are new, it is revealing to hear a more in-depth explanation on why these factors are considered so crucial to Google: SEO Factor #1: Content with a purpose Splitt says that your content not only has to be good, but it has to serve a purpose:

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Law Firm Websites

5 Ways to Improve Your Law Firm Website’s Lead Conversion Rate

Content marketing for your law firm website should serve three clear goals: Drive traffic to your site Convert traffic into leads Nurture leads into becoming clients To meet these goals, you create high quality content that visitors looking for legal help in the area you practice will find extremely useful. You then post it on your blog and your social media pages to attract people to your site. Now, you do not yet know those visitors. You don’t know where they are in the buying process — just getting started? Refining their selection? Ready to buy? Each stage of the

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