1. For the LIVE EDITION: The Company shall provide 8 weeks of live consultation (video conferencing) consulting and training aimed at improving your law firm’s intake processes by converting more prospects into more signed clients using best practices. This hands on educational approach has proved successful across a myriad of practice areas and is designed for law firms of any size. It also includes the bonuses of Intake University Online Edition.

2. For the ONLINE EDITION: The Company shall provide access to the Rainmaker Intake University ONLINE Edition which is a series of 30 video training sessions along with notes, worksheets, and files designed to train the Client’s intake staff to use best practices.

3. Refunds There are no refunds or pro-rating or credits for any reason.

4. Guarantee The Company cannot and does not guarantee any specific results from the Services provided in this Agreement. Due to the inexact nature of these Services the Company cannot and does not warranty, pledge or promise any specific financial results, number of new leads or new clients, reductions in overhead, or an increase in the amount or quality of new cases.

a. All services and systems are provided ‘As Is’, without any warranty of any kind, express or implied.

6.) Ownership of Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets The Parties understand and agree that all training materials, plans, prices, configurations, specifications, techniques, marketing and digital techniques, processes, software, algorithms, analytics and dashboards, schemas, screen prints and processes contained herein, and any modifications, extraction or extrapolations thereof, are the property and trade secrets of the Company and are subject to copyright protections and trade secret infringements.

a. Any copyright notice does not imply unrestricted or public access.

b. No duplication, usage, disclosure, or publication thereof, in whole or in part, for any purpose is not permitted, except that which is expressly permitted by this Agreement.