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Enroll in our Legal Marketing Boot Camp

If you want to create a Lifestyle Law Firm® — one that supports the core values of who you are and allows you to live the life you want versus a law firm that drives you, dictates your life, and ends up consuming your every waking moment — you can get your start at a Rainmaker Retreat.

An intense, attendee-limited event, the Rainmaker Retreat gives you access to dozens of low- and no-cost legal marketing strategies. We only teach proven law firm management and marketing strategies. You can’t afford to waste your time and money on what doesn’t work — we teach you what does work in the real world environment of a successful legal practice.

Build Your Practice

The Rainmaker Retreat will teach you how to market your firm, including the fundamentals of lead generation, lead conversion, and client retention and referrals.
We’ll show you techniques, grounded in years of working with firms just like yours, to help you grow your practice, including:

  • Identifying your target client base
  • Generating qualified leads within that base
  • Converting leads into paying clients
  • Keeping clients happy so they’ll keep coming back and referring others
  • Generating a fruitful referral network

You’ll learn proven methods used by thousands of our former clients to increase their revenue many times over.

We want to see your firm succeed.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by attending

Improve Your Lifestyle

Being successful isn’t just about increasing revenues. At The Rainmaker Retreat, you’ll learn how to increase your book of business while also improving your lifestyle.
How? We’ll show you how to automate aspects of your marketing plan and leverage the power of your website, the Internet, and social media to reduce your time commitment in marketing your firm.

One of the distinct advantages of being the industry leader in law firm marketing is that we’ve seen how thousands of attorneys have approached marketing. We’ve seen what worked and what didn’t.
Attending our Rainmaker Retreat allows you to build on our experience, so you’ll get it right the first time.

Create a Marketing Action Plan

Not sure where to start? You’ll leave the Rainmaker Retreat with a six-month marketing action plan.

The Retreat is a hands-on, in-the-trenches experience that reinforces new concepts with practice. Before you leave, you’ll develop your own marketing action plan, in consultation with the nation’s leading law firm marketing expert, Stephen Fairley.

Your plan will contain specific action items to propel your marketing strategies forward.

We are so confident you will benefit from the Rainmaker Retreat that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied at the end of the first day, just let us know, turn your materials in and we will refund your money.


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