Discover Everything You Never Learned in Law School About Running a Successful Law Firm at a Rainmaker Retreat Live Event.

If you’re a practicing attorney, you have undoubtedly learned one truth by now:  law schools fail miserably at teaching their students how to run a successful law firm.

Here’s the real truth:  having a financially successful legal practice has absolutely NOTHING to do with being a great lawyer.  We can all point to terrible attorneys who are making a ton of money. We also know highly intelligent, exceptional attorneys who are broke!

If you did not learn:

  • The business fundamentals of setting up a law practice,
  • The systems your firm needs to generate and convert leads,
  • An ongoing process for building relationships with referral sources,
  • How to micro-manage the client experience to improve retention and referrals, and
  • Specific strategies for law firm marketing and business development…

…then how can you reasonably expect to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive legal services environment?

At live events sponsored by The Rainmaker Institute, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from and interact personally with Stephen Fairley, law firm marketing expert and CEO, and his hand-picked team of legal marketing experts. For over 16 years, Stephen has been the leading authority in legal services marketing for small and mid-sized law firms. His knowledge base stems from helping thousands of law firms just like yours grow their practices.

One of our core offerings is the Rainmaker Retreat, a two-day law firm marketing boot camp tailored specifically for small and mid-sized firms. We also offer Free Consultations to attorneys who would like to learn more about how they can benefit from our Programs and Services.

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