Law Firm Marketing Consulting (On-Site & Virtual)


Law firms with an extremely high volume of leads face unique challenges in converting those leads into clients. Simply hiring dedicated intake personnel is not enough. Those handling these critical contacts must function at a high level of skill to meet and maintain top-notch lead conversion rates.

Process and skill evaluation

The Rainmaker Institute’s Onsite Consulting team will conduct a multi-day assessment of your firm’s lead conversion goals and intake infrastructure. We’ll meet with firm management, interview employees, and watch your firm’s intake process in action. Then, we’ll use our extensive experience in law firm marketing to evaluate your processes and provide customize feedback to optimize your intake system.


In-depth analysis and training

In a return visit, we’ll present your firm’s leadership with a detailed, written analysis of your intake system, along with recommendations for improvement. We’ll also conduct training designed to get your firm moving in the right direction.