I was highly skeptical when I first listened to the webinar and then in spite of myself, I called to inquire about the Rainmaker Institute. After completing the seminar I can wholeheartedly say it is the best money I have ever invested in my business.
Leslie Marell
Business Law and Seminars, Torrance, CA
The Rainmaker Retreat was more than promised and absolutely remarkable. It was truly eye opening and provided me with a tactical approach for developing my practice.
Dwayne Farnsworth
Partner, Bankruptcy, Gilbert, AZ
My firm has been using the Rainmaker Lead Conversion System for 18 months now. The results have been stellar. This program helped us double our conversion rate which significantly increased our revenues!
Doug Thomas
Family Law/DUI, Greenwood Village, CO
We attended the Rainmaker Retreat over the weekend in Chicago. The information Stephen Fairley, and his team provided has already made a big difference in our mentality, and we expect will show in our revenues over the next 12 months.
Todd Helgesen
General Practice, Layton, UT
Stephen and his team were superb. The amount of information is immense but everything is practical. I am looking forward to transforming my practice. The Rainmaker Retreat is well worth the time and money.
Ryan Sargent
Personal Injury, Solo, Carlsbad, CA
Creative and innovative approach to the importance of developing and implementing a marketing plan. To increase leads, build presence and demonstrate the importance of all clients now and as a resource for future business.
Jack Merritt
Business, Osprey, FL
I just want to tell you how great Kelly, Patrick and Jennifer are to work with. They are an amazing team-caring, smart, and just overall a pleasure to work with. I want to give a particular thank you to Kelly-she is very proactive and I appreciate and follow her guidance and suggestions. I now have a wonderful receptionist-and just recently told her that she was exactly the type of person you described. I would be happy to provide recommendations of your services.
Shelley B. Slafkes, Esq
MSW. Levitt & Slafkes, bankruptcy attorney in NJ
This was fantastic experience, especially as a new law firm. Everything that was explained was explained perfectly. The marketing strategies given are truly invaluable. We will be implementing as many as we can, as soon as possible.
Carrie Pryputniewicz
Family Law, Marketing Director, Orlando, FL
Wow! This was a visit to a brave new world of business development and organization.
Philip McCarthy
Solo Practitioner, Estate Planning, San Pedro, CA
The program is eye-opening. We’re lawyers, not marketing exec’s. This program fills in a huge gap in my business that will let me take control of my firm and my future.
Joel Pace
Partner, Business and Family Law, Austin, TX
I haven’t been this excited in a long time to go to work and implement the knowledge I received today. The Rainmaker Retreat has given me more tools in 2 days than I could have imagined.
Leatrice Kitchell
Bankruptcy, Phoenix, AZ
What an incredible learning experience. Looking forward to implementing many of the “social media” ideas that Stephen Fairley so wonderfully explained.
Stephanie Steinlauf
Health Care, Plantation, FL
TRI teaches attorneys what law schools don’t , how to turn a law practice into a law business that knows how to convert callers into happy clients.
Ari Kresch, Consumer
Managing Partner, Southfield, MI
Unbelievable, eye-opening information. Wish I had this education 15 years ago.
Howard Snader
Solo Practitioner, Criminal Defense, Scottsdale, AZ
In 30 plus years of practice, this is the most content rich seminar I have ever attended. Excellent!
Ira Weiner, Partner
Land Use, Montvale, NJ
Most intensive, exhaustive, content driven seminar I have ever attended. Well worth the money and time. Explained social media (finally) to me, their value and how to institute.
Deborah Green
Health Care Compliance, Solo, Plantation, FL
The Rainmaker Retreat program and something I had been contemplating attending for several years but failed to pull the trigger until now. I know that I did not know much about marketing but the retreat educated and enlightened me on all the things I didn’t know but need to implement to take my practice to the next level.
Wendy Gordel
Estate/Elder Law, Melville, NY
Cutting edge marketing techniques for attorneys. Worth every penny spent.
Nicholas Fortuna
Partner, Commercial Litigation, New York, NY
The experience was fantastic. I’m sure that the methods learned as well as a continued relationship with the Rainmaker Institute will transform my firm. It will help me become more profitable and provide excellent service to my clients.
Valerie Kelly
Real Estate, Pleasanton, CA
I have been practicing for 27 years and have attended several marketing programs. This was “by far” the best! Stephen supplied great tips and advice that I will use Monday morning.
Lloyd Bennett
Immigration/PI, Union City, NJ
I learned more this weekend about how to reach the people I can truly help, than I have learned in 22 years of practice.
George Straggas
Partner, Litigation, Newport Beach, CA


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